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Tent Pegs - Tent Stakes

  • SPEED- Setup faster so you can sit back with a beer while watching other campers struggle
  • STRENGTH- Sick of bent stakes? Drilling these strong steel tent pegs into the hard ground is easy.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE- Tents, Awnings, Canopy, Tarp, Dog Anchors, Trampoline, Garden Nails.
  • DURABLE AND QUALIFIED MATERIAL- The outdoor tent pegs are made of high-quality galvanized iron material, this tent peg is rather sturdy and durable.
  • THICKENED SCREW NAIL STAKES DESIGN - T-shaped lengthened and thickened screw nail stake design, suitable for use on the frozen soil ice surface. It is a great choice for supporting and fixing the ground connection of a tent.
  • PORTABLE SIZE FOR EASY CARRYING - Nail tent pegs are lightweight and easy to carry, and high strength, not easy to fracture.
  • ANTI-RUST TENT STAKES - This product does not rust, is easy to clean after use, can be washed directly.
  • GUARANTEE - If you are not satisfied with the product you received, you can send emails to us at any time. We will reply to you instantly and help you solve your problem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Graham Anderson

These are just 9" nails with the plastic thing fitted but "my goodness" they are the strongest tent begs I have ever used and are well worth it.
I purchased a gazebo from Amazon and it came with such cheap nasty pegs and pieces of string for the guy ropes.
I ordered these and they really are the best. The beauty of them is they go a long way into the ground are ideal for the job. I would recommend these to everyone for camping etc.

D. Sutter

We actually purchased these to anchor our holiday inflatables. The puny stakes that come with the decorations come right out of the ground as soon as there's a little moisture. These work great for the rope anchors, but not so much to anchor the four-legged base....those holes are too small for the diameter of these stakes. I made them work by hammering them in, but some were extremely difficult to get out of the ground. If you need tent stakes, buy them!


These stakes are super heavy duty! They kick the crap out of the tiny ones that came with my tent. The best part is the screw like ends. Because if the ground is super hard and/or you don't have a hammer, you can screw them into the ground. It takes awhile, and still takes some elbow grease, but is way easier than trying to put a regular stake into hard ground with no hammer. Idk about the glow in the dark effect, because we hadn't let them "charge" in the sun before we set the tent up. And we only stayed out one night. But regardless, the quality of the stakes themselves is worth the price, which wasn't even that much.

c Blaxk

I have read some reviews that these pull out too easily. They must be hammered in at a 60 degree angle leaning away from the tent. No, they won't hold down a bounce house. They're just tent stakes. Yes, the plastic will break if you hit it with a hammer. You can move the plastic down until the end. The manufacturer recommends leaving 1 and 5/8" out of the ground, so you can move the plastic up at the end. Also, just use a regular claw hammer- you don't need a sledge hammer on smooth stakes.

I am happy with these stakes. You get 10 plus an extra plastic topper. I have two tents for earthquake preparedness as well as camping. I am going to order another set. I don't know what I am going to do with the thin rope (thick string?), but it may be good to help tie down the fly on my oldest tent.

ron miller
Good quality

These stakes will kill a vampire, or secure your tent if that is how you want to use them. I tented in Death Valley where the "soil" is closer to being concrete than dirt. I pounded them in thru rock, so a vampire's chest would have been no match.