About Us

Nature Fans Market has been serving Outdoor Fans for 25 years. we are committed to providing the best service and gear to everyone who sets out to discover and live their passion in the outdoors. By selecting the best outdoor brands and gear for whatever your passion is, we strive to provide the best value possible. We are here to do everything we can to be Your Outdoor Store.

Our Values

Best Service

We’ve been called a lot of things – experts, enthusiasts, gearheads, outdoor junkies, whisperers, etc. Most of us spend our days outdoors or planning our next outdoor adventure. It’s likely you will meet up with us on the trail, in the woods, on the mountain, along a waterway, on the beach, or in the surf. The point is, like you, we’re passionate about the outdoors. So, we are here to give you honest and experienced answers on your gear and how to use it – we understand how important your adventure is, because we’ve been there.

Best Gear

When it comes to our gear, we search for the best quality, performance, and value. We handpick only the top outdoor gear and apparel for you. We all know technology evolves and so do we; staying current with the newest and best gear, without ignoring proven brands, technology, and value is one of our core values.

Best Value

The best value to us is the best gear, service, knowledge, at the minimum price we can provide. We make sure we take care of you, so when you are out there you are safe, feel great about yourself, and enjoy what you’re doing in the way you expect.


We at Nature Fans Market are a part of the communities we live, work, and play in. From the coast to the mountains, the water we drink and the air we breathe, we are committed to making a positive difference. You’ll find us chipping in, helping others, and getting involved wherever we can. From helping with trail restoration, cleaning up our waterways, to helping kids and those fighting illnesses, we work to help everyone experience the healing power of nature and the outdoors.