Family Pop Up Tent

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Family Pop Up Tent

  • Quick & Easy Setup: Instant pop-up tent with pre-assembled poles sets up in seconds.
  • Spacious Interior: 12.5 x 8.5 feet floor; Sleeps 4-6 adults in sleeping bags or 3-5 people with lots of luggage; Center Height: 53.5".
  • Venting: Large mesh window on the left and right sides allows hot air to escape while keeping the bugs out. Ground vents offer additional ventilation to keep cool on a summer evening.
  • Stay Dry All Season: Water-resistant fabrics; Heat Sealed seams and integrated vented rainfly keep you dry.
  • Ideal for: Casual camping, hiking, backyard resting, festivals, outdoor recreational activities, boy/ girl scout trips, backpacking, and beach gatherings.
  • Measurements for 3-4 Person Tent: Net weight (Single Layer): 9.2 lbs ; Size: 110.2" x 78.7" x 53.5"
  • Measurements for 5-6 Person Tent: Net weight (Double Layer): 12.3 lbsSize: 149.6" x 102.3" x 53.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ryan Ruecker

Was looking for easy to set up tent so ordered this one.I practice putting it up in my garage a few times and now can do it very easy.I suggest you do same so it is less stressful for you when you go camping.Nice size but haven t gone camping yet so don t know if it is proper size for us.Can not sit in front entrance not big enough it would have nice since it can be closed in to keep away from mosquitoes.Planning on putting shoes in there and also portable toilet at night.Will definitely spray it to keep rain away.Love it so far.Ordered better pegs to put in ground.

Micheal Marks

I have yet to use this outside, but I've set it up about 10 times in my living room as a fun date night with my partner.

It can fit us two with a queen size mattress and that's really it. There's room to the side but not enough for a person. We put our pet beds in the vestibule so they can join us. So how one can fit 6 people in here is beyond me. My partner is also 6'4" so we have to sleep the long way with the mattress.

To fold it, I would definitely recommend watching the video in the reviews. That guy helped me a lot and I got it right on the first try. After you do it once, it really is easy.

Burley Rohan

For the past month I've really put this tent to the test. It has performed perfectly except for the skimpy stakes, which I replaced with beefy ones. She's endured 3 camping trips and at least 6 put-ups and takedowns in my yard, plus 3 Florida rainstorms. No leaks!
Love the vestibule, which keeps out lots of dirt and mosquitos and provides a handy spot for boots, flashlight or whatever you might need to get out quick at night.
I tent alone and there's plenty room for my 5-gal portable toilet and a ton of other gear. But I don't know how 6 people would fit! They'd have to be AWFULLY good friends! Maybe 4 if 2 were kids.
I'd love to see another window or even a second door in the back. The side windows also turn the tent into a perfect "blind" for photographing wildlife. I sit inside on my camp stool, poke my camera lens thru the unzipped windows and the birds come up close! I haven't seen anyone else mention this.
Truly appreciated are all the zippers! They don't snag!! Ever!
Putting up couldn't be easier. Throw it toward your spot, and poof! Not happy with where it lands? Drag it where you want.
If you're not familiar with pop-up tents, taking it down can be tricky! Forget the instructions that came with it. Watch a video. TJ Waller's on this site is the best takedown video I've seen.
Be prepared for other campers to come over and ask about this great tent!

Marvin Bauch

exactly as pictured. very happy with delivery and design. much more spacious than i was expecting. read there may be waterproofing issue so i'll add feedback once i've had a chance to use it. only issues: no tracking information at all - was a little concerning but arrived in 4-5 weeks. was also difficult to fold the tent back in on itself. the springs/tubes are very strong and do not seem to bend in a way that guides the user... after folding for at least 10 times, it becomes much easier and faster - easy in set up and clean up.

Juwan Wehner

Товар пришёл вовремя. Но ещё не открывали. Спасибо