Portable Outdoor Washer 12V

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Portable Outdoor Washer 12V

  • The water pressure is adjustable on the showerhead, On/Off switch on the power cable
  • Voltage: DC 12V to the car cigarette lighter
  • Fixed with a Suction cup or double hook
  • Camping Shower with a sponge filter, Cable length: 197 in, Hose length: 78.7 in.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Camping, Car washing, dog cleaning, etc.


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Roger Jacobson

This thing is awesome. I got it for my boat, because salt water. Also bought a 5 gallon jug to use with it. Tried it yesterday and it works great.

Candida Huel

This portable shower worked great outdoors we took it camping and everyone in our group used it. I will definitely get another one to make sure I have two.

Fannie Littel

This worked out great. It feels like a toy however and I am not sure how long it will last, but until we come up with a more permanent solution this is great. We didn’t have any issues with it when we went camping and it served it’s purpose. Would buy again and recommend.

Kathlyn Collier

I got this for my step-father so I'll use what he has told me. It works great as advertiesed. The hose is the perfect lenght to shower when camping. It is used with the car socket.

Hailie Conroy

Haven’t used it yet but tested real well