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Portable Paper Soap 

  • Clean, Soothe & Protect - Ensure you always arrive fresh, clean, and ready to go with these 4 pack (80 sheets) soap sheets.
  • Deeper Clean & Gentle on Skin - The paper soap sheets are made of natural premium quality biodegradable environment material, pure natural plant extract. Safe for sensitive skin, these gentle soap paper sheets won't irritate or sting the sensitive skin area.
  • Disposable & Soluable - The soap sheet creates a foamy lather with a pleasant clean scent that cleanses without over-drying skin, and rinse off easily, no residue left behind.
  • Portable Size for Travel - Fitting easily into cabin baggage or an expedition pack, these palm-sized pocket soap paper sheets will spruce up everything from hair, to the body, to clothes.
  • Always & Everywhere to Stay Clean - The easy-to-ration dry leaves mean no risk of leakage and no risk of being confiscated by airport security.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
nir florentin

Great thing. It’s genius product. 😍

janet Bosco

Well, I finally got my order and was quite disappointed that I didn’t receive the color containers as displayed. I am satisfied with the product. It soaps right up once the water hits your hand and is very soapy. I was expecting to get all the colors, but only received blue, white and purple. Plus I ordered two 12 box packages and received the same colors in each box. What happen to the pink, green and yellow? I wanted to give them out as gifts along with face mask to fiends and family and the pink and yellow was the reason I purchased the multi packs.

Thaddeus Sipes

I bought these for my 9yo daughter. She likes soap, but really doesn't wash her hands well.
She LOVES them! Now, she washes her hands very well because the small sheets are "very entertaining" (her words). You look at these little sheets of soap and think, "What is this going to do?" But these little sheets are a perfect amount!
There is a great variety in this pack. There are 2 of each color plastic packs filled with tons of soap sheets. The plastic packages clip together and stay shut. I have had 1 in my purse since Christmas. She uses the containers for other things when the soaps are out, so double win!
We both love the scents too! They are very natural, and not sickening like some other soaps are.
I'll definitely be buying these again! They are a great price and super useful! I highly recommend them for kids! They are a super fun way to wash hands!

Hiram Goyette

Very clever and wise idea. It works well, especially if you want to ensure that you have soap available to wash your hands. Cute packaging and colors. I added this to a goody bag. The guests loved them!

Alayna Schamberger

These are actual sheets of soap, you just add a little water and your hands are nice and sudsy! I bought these for when I go kyacking, hiking, and dirt biking! These are very handy and convenient. They smell so much better than hand sanitzer, they also don't make my hands dry!