Portable Stainless Steel flatware set (4 Pcs/Set)

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Portable Stainless Steel flatware set

  • EASY CARRYING: With a carrying case, this flatware set (4 Pcs/Set) is convenient to carry in a backpack or purse.
  • RUSTPROOF & DURABLE: They are corrosion-free, non-toxic, and rust-less because using the material stainless steel, keeps them shiny for a long time.
  • EASILY CLEAN: This Portable Stainless Steel flatware set (4 Pcs/Set) and the small bag are all washable and easy to clean.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Stop using one-use plastics, protect the environment with this reusable tableware.
  • SIZE: Pouch: 7.87”; Knife: 7"; Fork: 6.3"; Spoon: 6.3"; Chopsticks: 7.3”.
  • Unique style, Beautiful appearance, fashionable and practical.


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
trey williamson

This is a very handy utensil set as well as being simple but elegant at the same time.

eli brown

Solid quality, very Korean look. And I like the way they squared the picker(which is the part that grabs food) of the chopsticks unlike the rounded one that can make your food fall unexpectedly. It's friendly to your budget too.

Ansel Cremin

Love these for work!

Alycia Larkin

Son cortos para cubiertos españoles, el cuchillo impide cerrar. De ancho bien para cuchara tenedor y cuchillo

Trent Wiza

it's good for packing lunch at work or going out for picnic...