Tent Pegs with Rope

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Tent Pegs with Rope

  • Material: Aluminum alloy wind rope buckle is made of high quality and durable alloy material, camping tent pile nail is made of high quality and durable aluminum alloy, very light, can ensure your tent is safe and stable, lightweight, easy to carry.
  • Design: heavy duty tent pegs with Rope is "Y" shaped design allows easy penetration of the ground, Precise scales will let you know the exact depth of the insertion into the ground. The cable adjuster is a good helper to adjust the outdoor rope. It can effectively lock the rope and prevent it from slipping.
  • Installation: Hammer the tent stake and wooden stake into the ground at a 60 degree Angle. When the ground is 1-1.5 in long, hang the tent rope and fix it. Then continue hammering the nail on the ground. The rope fastener is a great helper for adjusting ropes outdoors. It can effectively lock the rope and prevent it from slipping.
  • Applications: Hiking, tent, tarp, hammock, rainfly, camping, backpacking, hiking, cycling, fishing, hunting, and more. Can be used in grass, sand, and other soft ground. Ideal for hikers who like light luggage.
  • Packag: 10pcs/set - Aluminum alloy Tent Pegs with Rope

          Length: 7.1 in.
          Weight: 0.02 lbs/pc

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Bart Wehner

I used these for the first time on a 7 day backpacking trip. These are an improvement on the MSR Groundhogs. The design is superior, as the weak point of the narrow neck has been removed. The three notches on the single rib is a big improvement. These stakes worked perfectly in varying soil types with no trouble at all. There were a few times that I had to press them very firmly into some hard ground that had me worried, but none of them bent even the slightest bit. I don't see any reason to use any other tent stakes. Ever. I will be using these stakes for all occasions for the foreseeable future.

Ethan Gleason

I bought these stakes for a Decathlon 3XL tent, and they did the job well.

They seem to be build well, they're relatively light and sturdy. There were more than I needed, but I got some extras for a tarp. In my experience with cheap stakes, even steel ones, you just can't force them. Stomping on them or hammering them into the ground, you will inevitably hit a rock and bend your stakes. I prefer to be gentle, and so far I haven't had a single stake break or bend. I also like the fact that they all have little paracord loops on the ends, which helps to pull them out of the ground. The ends are slightly rounded, but definitely wouldn't be fun to press into the ground with your bare hands. They are obviously more difficult to clean than thinner round stakes because of the corners.

I would highly recommend these stakes. They are aluminum, but if you keep that in mind and don't abuse them too much, they will surely last.

Tyler Cruickshank

So I don’t actually use these stakes for tents. Which is why I give these 4 stars versus 5. I’m not sure how they actually work for tents.
I bought these for our Christmas inflatables. I’d read multiple tutorials that using tent stakes secured your inflatables more than the standard plastic ones. In fact, many of our plastic ones have either broken, gotten lost or just plain don’t anchor.
Using these tent stakes to anchor brought a whole new ball game. We also live on a slight incline which makes inflatable difficult to anchor. The plastic ones never quite cut it.
Tent stakes for inflatables!!! Genius!!!

Maegan Greenholt

These are aluminum tent spikes. You can also get some that are stainless steel. The stainless steel ones are stronger but much heavier. The Aluminum Spikes are plenty strong enough to last the rest of my life with them. I am not quite sure how light backpacking spikes can get but these are spikes that are heavy build for large backpacking tents. I would not what to have to carry these only for a personal tent.

Josianne Bergnaum

These aluminum stakes are the real deal. They are as advertised, lightweight, strong, and well made. Even if you only want to get these as "backup" stakes for your regular ones, they are so inexpensive that you should do it. You may find that you are using these stakes and making your other ones the backups. The bright colors help locate them when in sand or brushy areas. They also nest together so packing them uses very little space or weight.